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What is climate literacy?

Being climate literate means understanding the multifaceted nature of human relationships with the planet.

Climate Literacy: The Essential Principles of Climate Sciences lists the following criteria for a climate-literate person:

  • Understands the essential principles of Earth’s climate system.
  • Knows how to assess scientifically credible information about climate.
  • Communicates about climate and climate change in a meaningful way.
  • Is able to make informed and responsible decisions with regard to actions that may affect climate.
Download the educators' toolkit

The Educators’ Toolkit

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Books To Read In Your Classroom

Get the conversation started with these books
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Films For Your Classroom

Films to screen as easy viewing in the classroom
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Climate Literacy Questions

Simple questions to ask students to encourage climate literacy.
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The Sustainable Classroom

Practical tips on creating a more sustainable classroom
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Create conversation about youth-led climate action in your own classroom by hosting a screening of Yo soy Greta.

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