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A Green Household

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A Green Household

We believe sustainability is ultimately a practice, not a purchase, but here are several “green” alternatives to everyday essentials.

  • Replace your dryer sheets with wool dryer balls.
  • Start an herb or vegetable garden.
  • Change your cleaning products to non-toxic cleaners (Blueland)
  • Replace your makeup wipes with a Makeup Eraser
  • Shop sustainably – wear recycled fabrics, participate in clothing swaps (when safe to do so),  visit local thrift stores, or buy/rent items from others! (Poshmark, Depop, Rent the Runway)
  • Visit a local Farmer’s Market for your produce
  • Have lots of things to dispose of or recycle, but not sure how? Check out Terracycle
  • Use Bee’s Wrap food covers instead of Plastic Wrap (Bee’s Wrap)
  • Bring your collapsible metal straws and reusable utensils with you! (Final Straw, ChicagoBag To-Go Ware)
  • Toss out your Ziploc bags for washable, reusable plastic bags (Stasher)
  • Try composting – You can do this in your freezer! (Learn more)
  • Skip those little plastic bags at the grocery store & use mesh produce bags instead (Colony Co)
  • Try using Swedish dish cloths – they take the place of 16 paper towels!
  • Shop “misfit” produce that didn’t fit conventional grocery standards (Misfit Market, Imperfect Foods)

 Looking for sustainable alternatives to everyday essentials? 

Try looking through Package Free’s shop here

Download and share these ideas on how to make your home more green

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