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Climate Literacy Questions

For Younger Kids (Under 12):

  • Who in your classroom knows what climate change is?
  • How do you feel about our environment and the planet?
  • What do you think about waste? Do you know where the trash goes? Does anyone in your household recycle? Why do you think we need to compost or separate trash into different categories?
  • Do you or your parents take public transportation to school/work? Why do you think some cars are bad for the environment?
  • Do you know how food is made and distributed? What do you think about the food available to you in your cafeteria? Are there enough plant-based / meat-free choices? Do you think you could grow your own food at school?
  • Do you ever talk about climate with your parents or hear them talk about it? If you do, what thoughts or feelings come up?

For Older kids (Over 12):

  • What issue impacts you most? What do you know about it? Are there any other topics you are interested in?
  • What do you believe to be the greatest challenges to protecting our planet? Who do you think is responsible?
  • Can you explain what regenerative living is? (Or guess, if not!) How can you apply regenerative thinking to various aspects of your life and our society?
  • What does intersectional environmentalism mean? How does this affect you?
  • Does your family or friends discuss elections and voting? If they do go out and vote, do they prioritize climate issues at the ballot?
  • What would be more impactful: if every student brought a reusable water bottle or if school banned plastic bottles from being sold on campus?

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