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A Sustainable Holiday Season

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A Sustainable Holiday Season

We believe small actions can make a big difference.
Here are some ways to think more “green” this holiday season without compromising your families’ traditions.
  • Bring the family to a local farmers market and experiment with new, fresh ingredients. This holiday season, try using the USDA directory or this Local Food Source map to find the markets closest to you.
  • Avoid using plastic plates and cups at gatherings, or bring a marker to designate (even design) one as yours for the night!
  • Want to adventure out a little further? Visit a farm! Check out Farm to Crag’s map or look for urban farms and gardens near you.
  • Compost your turkey scraps // Thanksgiving leftovers
  • Carpool with family (for any COVID-safe gatherings)
  • Be mindful of only buying the amount of food you’ll know you need!
  • Have extra non-perishables that you didn’t use? Donate them to a local food bank or church in your community
  • Recycle your newspaper as wrapping paper
  • Choose “green” shipping when purchasing gifts and/or pay a little extra to cover carbon offsets
  • Order your items in bulk to avoid shipping individual items or find where you can shop in person.
  • Got holiday shopping to do? Reusable water bottles make a great gift for friends & family

Looking for sustainable alternatives to everyday essentials?

Try looking through Package Free’s shop here.

Download and share these ideas on how to have a #GreenHolidaySeason

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