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Youth Organizing

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Youth Organizing

Why it is important

Youth Leadership & Superpowers:
  1. Young people can change the world: “Throughout history and today, many social movements have been led and mobilized by young people. They’ve continued to lead the way in social change, and we see this demonstrated by groups who have brought upon the highest voter turnout in the 2020 election, or by the students of Stoneman Douglas who turned a tragedy into a national demand for change.”(“Remember these faces, Remember Us”)
  2. Young people encompass a wide range of skills: Whether it’s multi-tasking, being outspoken for your cause, or knowing how to throw together a PSA, young people have an unstoppable perspective of what they can do and know how to apply their skills to accomplish their goals. In advocating for a cause, they’re further developing these skills, which will allow them to be great leaders and civically active adults.
  3. Young people are collaborative: Youth organizers are supportive of each others’ needs and recognize where others’ can help with their efforts. They utilize superpowers to their advantage, choosing to step up where they see fit and collaborating with others when they lack knowledge or expertise.
In the words of activist Jamie Margolin, Power Youth Activists hold:
  1. Fresh energy and perspectives: “Youth brings new ideas to the table, as well as a fresh energy and drive that many of our elders have lost. No one knows better than we do what it is like to grow up in the current time.”
  2. Expertise on the issues that personally affect us: “Many adults in power do not comprehend or even hear much about important film issues from young people’s perspectives. They do not feel climate change like we do; they don’t feel student loans or an economy that makes it increasingly difficult for us to find good-paying jobs like we do. When we speak about what we are going through, that rings true to people, and it looks bad for someone in power to discredit their lived experiences of a young person”

“Beyond knowing what power you do and don’t have as a young person in this world, it is also important to know what you will be up to no matter what. Keep in mind that the more marginalized identities you carry, the more you will be up against. Know how the world perceives you (whether their perception is true or not) so you can best arm yourself to overcome their preconceived notions.” – Jamie Margolin (Youth to Power)