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Books and Films for your Classroom

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Books and Films for your Classroom


  • Youth to Power by Jamie Margolin
  • The Lonely Polar Bear by Khoa Le
  • The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by Bryan Mealer and William Kamkwamba
  • The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen
  • Don’t Let Them Disappear by Chelsea Clinton
  • Bee & Me by Alison Jay
  • 10 Things I Can Do To Help My World by Melanie Walsh
  • The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle by Alison Inches
  • George Saves the World By Lunchtime by Jo Readman
  • The Earth Book by Todd Parr (Ages 3-5)
  • Coral Kingdom by Laura Knowles (ages 3-6) 
  • 23 Ways to Be an Eco Hero by Isabel Thomas (Ages 6+)
  • Our House is On Fire: Greta Thunberg’s Call to Save the Planet by Jeanette Winter
  • What a Waste by Jess French
  • The Intersectional Environmentalist: How to Dismantle Systems of Oppression to Protect People + Planet by Leah Thomas
  •  Monarca by Leopoldo Gout and Eva Aridjis
  • Where Wonder Grows by Xelena González
  •  Just Ask by Sonia Sotomayor 


For Younger Kids:

  • The Lorax 
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy 
  • Moana
  • Ice Age: The Meltdown 
  • Our Planet (Netflix series)
  • Happy Feet 
  • Over the Hedge 
  • Wall-E
  • Encanto
  • Humanity Has Not Yet Failed
  • Runaway (2013)  

For Older Kids:

  • Dark Waters
  • Gather
  • The Day After Tomorrow
  • An Inconvenient Truth
  • Chasing Coral
  • Erin Brockovich
  • Before The Flood
  • Okja
  • I Am Greta
  • Thank You For The Rain
  • Youth Unstoppable

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