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Action items & resources for teachers and educators

  • Show TED-ED educational videos and podcasts in your classroom. It’s a great educational channel offering videos on a variety of topics including renewable energy, recycling, plastic pollution and more!
  • Incorporate real stories from young people on the front lines of the climate crisis in your classroom. Visit Alliance for Climate Education!
  • Teach your students to trust scientists and leading climate experts! Start with introducing them to Bill Nye, the Science Guy, who helps explain causes of climate change, how it affects our planet and how each of us can contribute to a solution.
  • Use the IPCC Special Report: Summary for Teachers to increase your climate knowledge as an educator & to explore some suggested classroom activities in helping share this knowledge with your students.
  • Create “green teams” for your classroom: Student jobs make cleaning up the classroom much easier – so use the last 5 minutes of class to power down computers, close the blinds, check faucets, and sort recycling.
  • When safe, consider using school “field trips” to visit places that will help educate your students about the environment. (Meeting indigenous leaders, going to the recycling center or landfill, etc.)