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Technology & STEMM

  • Increase equity and access in STEMM education, especially for communities that are disproportionately affected by climate change. Here’s an example of a STEMM afterschool program.
  • For teachers: bring space, our universe, and our planet into your classroom.
  • Learn more about IoT devices and innovative initiatives to combat climate change (Interact, IoT for all).
  • Read this Vox article to learn about the International Energy Agency’s technological innovations to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and recommendations for how to move forward.
  • Study the areas of STEMM and technology that speak most to your interests and experiences to better support research and development in those sectors.
  • Request help from a woman in STEMM through 500 Women Scientists: a resource for journalists, educators, policy makers, scientists, and anyone needing scientific expertise.
  • Advocate for the regulation of social media misinformation on climate change. You can increase your media literacy and take action here.
  • Apply to grants that support research to understand and combat climate change. Check out the US Environmental Protection Agency’s grants and ClimateWork’s grants database.
  • Learn more about climate indicators from this interactive ArcGIS StoryMap created by the World Meteorological Organization.