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Storytelling & Communications

  • Read the Good Energy Playbook to get inspiration on how to portray the climate crisis in any storyline, across every genre, to create relevant, authentic, and, above all, entertaining stories.
  • Download the Climate Story Lab Toolbox to engage in climate communication strategies and climate storytelling.
  • Watch NRDC’s panel “Beyond Apocalypse: Alternative Climate Futures in Film and TV” that brought together filmmakers & climate leaders to discuss how entertainment stories can help us see, feel, and build the climate future we want.
  • Follow climate scientists and experts to stay in the know on important climate news, policies and actions.
  • Join Creators for Justice and support climate-justice groups that need pro-bono creative assistance.
  • Understand “why every city needs a climate storyteller” and envision how your skills can be used to create media that incorporates climate storytelling.
  • Document the physical and emotional effects of climate change over time. This can be used as an educational tool and could result as a photo series, multimedia project, or even a short film such as “Lowland Kids”.
  • Read and share personal climate stories from Our Climate Voices to help raise awareness about how climate change is personally impacting communities.
  • Have a story to tell about how you’re making a difference in climate issues in your community? Submit your story to Passport to Change to share how your work is aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to read the stories and insights of other youth climate activists from around the world.