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  • Stronger and more frequent superstorms, raging wildfires, and other disasters are already forcing millions of people from their homes. Learn about climate-driven migration and sign up for updates on how you can help fight for a more just and safe place to call home.
  • Incorporate curriculum/discussion guides in the classroom that bring in topics related to climate change and our relationship with the planet. Refer to this Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report which helps summarize important climate issues for educators.
  • Inform co-workers and company employees on how they can be more sustainable at their work. Whether it’s recycling in the office, avoiding single use plastics, or sharing materials digitally rather than printing them – you can present these ideas during your lunch hour!
  • Learn from the National Phenology Network about why phenology (the study of recurring biological events) is so important for understanding climate change and how you can get involved with making your own observations.
  • Put books about climate change in your nearest little free library. Start exploring a list of kid books in our Educators Toolkit.
  • Organize local screenings for your community with films that speak to climate issues (we recommend I am Greta, Before The Flood, Kiss The Ground, and Gather!).
  • Encourage Climate Literacy in your classroom. Utilize our Educators Toolkit to help educate your students on climate change and how they can make a difference.
  • Empower your school to speak up for climate action! Use these free materials from Schools for Climate Action to pass a powerful, non-partisan climate resolution in your school district.
  • Get educated on movements that are happening globally, such as the peasant movement in the Philippines. Learn about its relation to climate justice and how you can help support victims and survivors of state-sanctioned violence in the fight for land and human rights. 
  • Inspire your community and invite a Climate Reality Leader to give you & your friends the latest multimedia presentation about the impacts of climate change. Then join Climate Reality’s 100% Committed campaign and pledge to help your community, business, or school shift to 100% renewable electricity.
  • Join Environment America for an underwater hike of six marine protected areas to explore some unique, diverse ecosystems – each of which are success stories demonstrating the power and hope of restoring and protecting our most precious underwater wildernesses. Then sign this petition to help ensure the conservation and protection of 30 percent of our oceans by 2030.
  • Take a course on environmental science or environmental policy. There are many courses that also overlap with topics in the humanities, such as environmental racism or development.