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Advocacy & Leadership

  • Learn about how to call Congress for the issues you’re passionate about.
  • Research how to protest safely before hitting the streets.
  • Demand recycling stations in your school, place of work or religious organization. You can apply for recycling grants to help fund your initiative at school!
  • Become a trained “The Oceanic Standard” advocate and drive responsible consumption in your community! Reach out to: to join the next training.
  • Start a Zero Hour Sister Chapter. If you don’t have a climate justice group in your area, become the leader of one. Apply to create a chapter here!
  • Back a scientist running for office. Few members of Congress identify as scientists, which many science-minded advocates say is part of the problem when it comes to climate legislation.
  • Check out XR Youth’s US Guidebook on how to organize actions in COVID times. This is a great resource for new organizers! You can also learn how to organize a support network in your city: this guide from XR Youth US, Zero Hour, IIYC & Future Coalition explains how to effectively mobilize an interconnected web of group chats, youth, and resources.
  • Lead a school climate strike with Fridays for Future
  • Help NRDC save NYC composting!
  • Set up meetings with city leaders to discuss ways they can set climate science-based targets. Use this guide to help inform your conversation and serve as a resource.
  • Learn how to Cast Your Ballot Safely on Election Day. Read this article about how to prepare for this important day.