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Understanding Biocultural Diversity & Holistic Living

Flyer promoting the third session of the Can You Hear Us Speaker Series on a light tan background. Red and black text reads, “Thursday, April 8, 8:30-10pm EST, Understanding Biocultural Diversity & Holistic Living. How do we heal our relationship with the Earth? What does moving toward a regenerative system look like?” In the top right, “Can You Hear Us?” in red is accompanied by a hand holding up a megaphone wrapped in vines. Black and white photos are on top of abstract yellow shapes. The headshots are of a young man with facial hair and his black hair tied back, a young woman with glasses and dangling earrings holding up a sign that reads, “I support Indigenous Rights because we protect nature,” and a young woman in a crewneck and long black hair.” Black and red text reads, “Farmer Rishi, Small-scale farmer, writer, land artist, educator; Bia’ni Madsa’ Juárez López (Mixe/Ayuuk ja’ay and Zapotec/Binnizá), Cultural Survival; Kamea Chayne, Green Dreamer. RSVP via” Logos at the bottom are in a mix of green, black, red, purple, and grey. Logos are from Green Dreamer, Cultural Survival, The Center for Cultural Power, Extinction Rebellion Youth, NYU Los Angeles, CNT Production, HKNC.
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Understanding Biocultural Diversity & Holistic Living

Several have said, “healing the land begins with healing the people.” What does this mean and where do we begin? How do we approach climate action through an intersectional and holistic lens?


  • Kamea Chayne

    Kamea Chayne is an eco creative and writer, author, and the host of Green Dreamer Podcast, which explores our paths to holistic healing, ecological regeneration, and true abundance and wellness for all. Known for her thought-provoking commentary and nuanced questioning, she's interviewed over 200 thought leaders including Native American 2020 U.S. Presidential Candidate Mark Charles, NYT-bestselling authors Dr. Chris Ryan, Rutger Bregman, and David Quammen, and more.

  • Bia’ni Madsa’ Juárez López

    Bia’ni (Mixe/Ayuuk ja’ay and Zapotec/Binnizá) is the Cultural Survival Keepers of the Earth Fund Manager and Bazaar Program Assistant. Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, she grew up in Juchitán (Zapotec) and San José El Paraíso (Mixe). Since childhood, she has been a part of the Indigenous resistance movement in Mexico. She is a biologist who loves to work with people. She has been working doing transdisciplinary research in her own Mixe community. For her master’s thesis in Tropical Ecology at the University of Veracruz, she conducted research about the relationship between tree diversity in coffee plantations and community organizations. Bia'ni's family produces organic coffee and is working on a coffee project to improve their product and keep their shade coffee plantation thriving and the forest in which it is in.

  • Farmer Rishi

    Farmer Rishi is a small-scale farmer, land-artist, writer, and educator. Since 2010, he has been working in the field of urban gardening and farming in Los Angeles, where he has helped create and establish hundreds of urban gardens. His work centers on the healing of people and Earth as one body. Rishi is the Executive Director of Sarvodaya Institute and the Co-founder and Chief Gardening Officer of Healing Gardens Community (

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Increase your understanding of ecological regeneration and holistic healing. Learn from the Green Dreamer podcast & Farmer Rishi about our relationship with the Earth and the need to respect biocultural diversity.

Check out Farmer Rishi on the Green Dreamer podcast!

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