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Shifting the Climate Narrative

Flyer promoting the CYHU? Speaker Series session 2 on a light tan background. Red and black text reads, “Thursday, March 25, 8:30-10pm EST, Shifting the Climate Narrative. How did the climate conversation get to where we are today and what future are we collectively building toward? Introduction by Layel Camargo from Center for Cultural Power.” In the top right, “Can You Hear Us?” in red is accompanied by a hand holding up a megaphone wrapped in vines. Black and white photos are on top of abstract yellow shapes. The headshots are of a young woman with long black hair smiling, a young man with glasses and in a zip hoodie, a young woman with wavy medium-length hair in white. Black and red text reads, “Daisee Francour (Oneida), Cultural Survival; Loren Cardeli, A Growing Culture; Aletta Brady, Our Climate Voices. RSVP via” Logos at the bottom are in a mix of green, black, red, purple, and grey. Logos are from A Growing Culture, Our Climate Voices, Cultural Survival, The Center for Cultural Power, Extinction Rebellion Youth, NYU Los Angeles, CNT Production, HKNC.
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Shifting the Climate Narrative

How did the climate movement get to where we are today? How have local movements played a role and how can they be in better service to global justice movements? What is the role of ethical storytelling and what happens after climate visioning?


  • Aletta Brady

    Aletta Brady (they/them) is a queer, non-binary, bisexual organizer, futurist, writer, and narrative activist living on Dakota land in South Minneapolis. Aletta’s work is guided by Audre Lorde’s wisdom that, without community, there is no liberation. Aletta is the founder and creative director of Our Climate Voices, an award-winning social justice collective humanizing the climate crisis through story. In 2019, they were the youngest recipient of the J.M.K. Innovation Prize for their work on the vanguard of social innovation. They have over 20 years of grassroots organizing experience for labor rights, queer liberation, freedom of movement, and climate action.

  • Loren Cardeli

    Loren is the co-founder and Executive Director of A Growing Culture (AGC) a 501(c)3 nonprofit that confronts unjust power in the food system. AGC is a movement-support organization that strives to democratize food systems by connecting, amplifying, and resourcing those on the frontlines of the fight for food sovereignty. Loren is one of a collective of activists working collaboratively to serve frontline partners.

  • Daisee Francour

    Daisee is from the Oneida Nation in Wisconsin and is the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Communications at Cultural Survival.

    She has over a decade of experience working in philanthropy, at non-profit organizations, in grassroots organizing, and as a direct service provider in education, mental health, corrections, serving Indigenous Peoples with disabilities/special needs, domestic violence victims, the homeless, and formerly incarcerated inmates. As an Indigenous fundraiser, philanthropic advisor, and donor educator, Daisee strives to build the capacity of philanthropy, foundations, and individual donors by transforming their understanding of Indigenous rights, Indigenous issues, biocultural diversity, climate and social justice as well as other regenerative systems.

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Share your personal climate story to uplift visions for a just & equitable future. Discover the "7 Principles of Ethical Storytelling" from Our Climate Voices and reflect on the story that you’d like to tell.

Check Out 'Our Climate Voices'

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