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Global + Intergenerational Advocacy and Organizing

Flyer promoting the CYHU? Speaker Series session 1 on a light tan background. Red and black text reads, “Thursday, March 11, 8:30-10pm EST, Global and Intergenerational Advocacy and Organizing. What does resistance and community building look like across generations, borders and movements?” In the top right, “Can You Hear Us?” in red is accompanied by a hand holding up a megaphone wrapped in vines. Black and white photos are on top of abstract yellow shapes. The headshots are of a young man wearing a cap, looking screen left; a young woman with her hair pulled back, smiling at the camera; and a young woman in a checkered shirt turned toward screen right, smiling. Black and red text reads, “Orion Camera, SustainUS; Katheryn Manga, Kilusang Magbudukid ng Philipinas (KMP, Peasant Movement of the Philippines); Avexnim Cojti (Maya K'iche'), Community Media Program and Indigenous Rights Radio Program Manager, Cultural Survival. RSVP via” Logos at the bottom are in a mix of green, black, red, and purple, and grey. Logos are from SustainUS, KMP, Cultural Survival, The Center for Cultural Power, Extinction Rebellion Youth, NYU Los Angeles, CNT Production, HKNC.
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Global + Intergenerational Advocacy and Organizing

What is the current state of national and global climate policy? What does organizing and resistance look like? What are the limitations of political advocacy and where should we focus our energy moving forward?


  • Avexnim Cojti

    Avexnim (Maya K'iche') is the Cultural Survival Community Media Program and Indigenous Rights Radio Program Manager. She is from Chuwila, Guatemala. Avexnim is a sociologist with more than fifteen years of experience in the fields of immigration and multiculturalism, and Indigenous community development, and Indigenous rights. Most of her experience is in managing or delivering programs and projects that aim to improve the conditions of vulnerable populations. She has volunteered at community radio stations in Canada for many years and has represented Cultural Survival at international fora and United Nations meetings, advocating for Indigenous rights.

  • Kathryn Manga

    Kathryn Manga is a community development worker, a researcher and a peasant’s rights advocate. She was born from a family of farmers in the Bikol region. She worked as a researcher and international officer for IBON Foundation. With her performing group Sinagbayan or Art for the People, she was able to teach young people especially from the rural areas, the value of theater and the arts in advocating for land, human rights and rural development. Having established the group with its regional chapters all over the country, she volunteered to be a full time staff of Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas in 2018 where she is now a Project Coordinator. She is one of the conveners of the Agroecology X, a unique community of organizations, associations, sustainable agriculture practitioners and advocates, social entrepreneurs, organic food buffs, and many other believers and doers of agroecology. She also heads the secretariat of the year-long National Food Systems Summit happening in Manila in 2021.

  • Orion Camero

    Orion Camero is a queer Filipinx visual storytelling educator, anticapitalist, coalition-builder and community organizer. Currently, they play the role of Executive Coordinator of SustainUS. Orion has worked across movements for climate justice- notably as a 2015 Brower Youth Award winner for work against water privatization in California and as a 2017-18 Spiritual Ecology fellow for the California Allegory, an intricate artwork and education project telling movement stories through visual metaphors. Orion believes that what nurtures the heart of collective liberation are the ingredients of inter-identity solidarity, cross-cultural connection and exponential collaboration.

Action Item

Learn more about the peasant movement in the Philippines. Understand its relation to climate justice, and how you can help support victims and survivors of state-sanctioned violence in the fight for land and human rights.

Follow the peasant movement of the Philippines!

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