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1 to 4 Hours

  • Join/attend your neighborhood council to see what climate initiatives currently exist and how you can incorporate more ideas around regenerative thinking and climate justice.
  • Participate in a Climate Justice Accountability Program on behalf of your business or organization.
  • Defend our national monuments: Deliver this petition from Earthjustice to the Department of Interior and the Department of Commerce.
  • Defend the Arctic Refuge from Reckless Oil Drilling & Exploration by delivering this public message from EarthJustice to U.S. Congress.
  • Organize a clean up in your community! Invite friends & find a local park or beach. (National CleanUp Day)
  • Run a business or organization? Host a Workshop & Strategy Session with Movement Generation to learn how to engage staff and members as they integrate an ecological lens into their work.
  • Dive deeper into climate topics. Pick three episodes from the Green Dreamer podcast to learn more about these important issues.
  • Need a weekend away from the city? Visit National Parks! This helps provide funding to protect these beautiful spots in nature. It’s also an educational way to learn about the environment.
  • Talk with your landlord about how renewable energy can save them money in the long run and improve the property.
  • Strengthen protections for farmworker children by sending an email to your congressman showing your support for the CARE Act (Children’s Act for Responsible Employment).
  • Join a community garden and invite your neighbors. This is an educational and fun way to learn about our relationship with food and the planet. Here are some tips and tricks if you’re looking to start one.