The Sustainable Classroom

  • Start a recycling program & encourage your students to take part (opportunity to teach about landfills & water pollution here)
  • Start a garden (opportunity to teach about carbon cycle & why conscious/sustainable/regenerative farming and eating is important)
  • Create “green teams’ for your classroom: Student jobs make cleaning up the classroom easier – use the last 5 minutes of class to power down computers, close the blinds, check faucets, and sort recycling 
  • Need organizers for your classroom? Recycle things from your home! Use milk cartons, shoe boxes, etc
  • Consider purchasing Petroleum Free Crayons
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products when cleaning your classroom
  • Encourage students to avoid brown bagging their lunches – use reusable lunch boxes!
  • Create a scrap paper box – reuse, reuse!
  • Feeling ambitious? Collect scraps from your kids’ lunches into a compost bin (teaching opportunity!)
  • When safe, consider using school “field trips” to visit places that will help educate your students about the environment (Meeting indigenous leaders, going to the recycling center or landfill, etc.)
  • Find and apply for grants that offer financial support for green-school initiatives. Here are some garden grants to get you started, but there are lots of other opportunities out there.
  • Rally for your school to go solar!
  • Encourage your school to install energy efficient light bulbs
  • Teach students about saving water when they wash their hands in the bathroom, etc
  • Encourage walking or biking to school (if safe and weather permitting)
  • Write an environmental mission statement for your classroom
  • Give out a “green award” to a student each month (Reward with an incentive like getting to be the “line leader” or giving then their own small plant to take care of)
  • Ask parents to donate old toys, books or craft supplies
  • Create a “green check list” of actions that each student can do for the month or specified time duration.

Download the complete Educators’ Toolkit


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