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Creative & Art

  • Are you responsible for a creative institution? Do you work in the entertainment industry? Join the Creatives Industries Pact for Sustainable Action!
  • Sign up to be an Artist for the Earth, a global network campaign that connects and engages the public in climate movement using art.
  • Interested in incorporating climate storytelling in your work? Check out the Climate Story Lab Toolbox from Exposure Labs and Doc Society.
  • Collaborate with Working Films! If you are someone whose passion projects revolve around social justice, expand your knowledge with the opportunities Working Films offers here.
  • Create a climate story with your students, church friends, or other community members to share personal stories of climate change and help others understand how it is relevant to their lives. A climate story is a personal account of climate change from your experience and observations, ranging from despair to hope, from loss to resolve. It is descriptive and makes an emotional connection to climate change.
  • Become a Climate Stories Ambassador.
  • Join Creators for Justice and support climate-justice groups that need pro-bono creative assistance.
  • Do you enjoy working with film? Use Doc Society’s Impact Field Guide & Toolkit as a source on how to make an even bigger impact as a film creator.