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Can You Hear Us? is an impact campaign for I Am Greta, a Hulu Original Documentary.

This campaign works to amplify grassroots climate action to reframe our relationship with the planet. To do this, we need all youth to join in the movement. We need collaboration across generations. We need our families and friends to support leaders who will protect our resources.

We need ALL voices to be heard.

Find LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS that encourage climate action, and join your community to fight for climate justice and sustainable practices in your community.


Incorporate climate storytelling into your work

Use the Climate Story Lab Toolbox to learn how to facilitate climate narratives and conversations in your community

Check back for a new action every Friday.

Encourage Climate Literacy

Climate Literacy questions for the classroom to help ignite interdisciplinary climate conversations.

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Action Plan

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Having Intergenerational Conversations

A guide to having meaningful climate conversations with friends and family.

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I am Greta

Watch I Am Greta  on Hulu to see the power of youth-led climate action.

To host a screening, fill out the Screening Request form below.

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Poster for the Movie I Am Greta. Greta Thunberg is on the left with hands under her chin looking directly into the camera. Text on the right reads 'A fascinating year in the life of Eco-Warrior Greta

Youth Unstoppable

Watch Youth Unstoppable on WaterBear to see the rise of the Global Youth Climate Movement.

To host a screening, fill out the Screening Request form below.

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